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There is no start-up cost to join & you won’t be billed until after your first shift.
With four weekly, all-inclusive subscription plans, we’ve got something for every budget.

Earn Discounts by Being Safe

Remember, our pricing is dynamic and the above shows an example of the typical price for an average risk driver.

Your final price is unique to your particular driving history and may be higher or lower than what is stated here.

Your subscription price will be updated daily based on variables such as safe driving behavior, on time payments, etc.

134 Drivers are making money with aGO right now.

FrequentlyAsked Questions

There is no start-up cost to join, and you won’t be billed until after your first shift.
With four weekly, all-inclusive subscription plans, we’ve got something for every budget.

Unlock aGO cars using your phone. No keys required!

You aren't charged anything until after your first shift, so you can pay for your aGO membership straight from the revenue you earn on your first shift! Just sign up to aGO using the credit/debit card set up for same-day pay on Uber/Lyft.

By maintaining a large fleet, we are able to achieve economies of scale which allows us to negotiate lower prices for the vehicles. Third, our lean methodologies keep us focused and nimble with most overhead costs absorbed by aGO. All three pillars allow us to significantly lower cost, which we pass on to each of our driver-entrepreneurs to help their bottom line. Then, we split those costs between two or more drivers.

Each of our cars is located at a different parking spot. During signup, you'll be matched to a car near you that is available at the times you plan to drive.

Charging the electric car is easy, and not too different from charging your phone! Every aGO parking spot has an electric charger, and our video shows just how easy they are to use. When you're on the go, quick-chargers are scattered near every major metropolitan area, and we have a video that shows how to use the PlugShare app to find a nearby charger. They're easy to use, but we have a video on how to use Fast chargers too.

Install the aGO app on your phone. Sign up, and we'll run a quick Motor Vehicle Report. Then, enter the schedule you want to work, and choose from the list of cars available during the times you need. Upload the car's information to Uber/Lyft, and you're all set!

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Unique Rewards & Discounts

Earn membership discounts with our unique rewards program based on your actual driving & the relationship we develop. Our vehicles use a powerful software development kit to capture & analyze driver data. Your safe driving will automatically earn you membership discounts!

By making on-time payments and being a loyal member, you'll earn even more discounts.

The more you drive, the more you save.

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