Join the Future of Driver-Entrepreneurs

Whether you're already driving for Uber, Lyft, Postmates, or other on-demand services for years, or just starting your journey, aGO is uniquely set up to help you make more money, develop new skills, and thrive within our community of driver-entrepreneurs.

By joining an aGO family - a team of aGO drivers - and accessing our green fleet, you save wear and tear on your personal vehicle through our driver-swap system. We don't replace any other gig platform; in fact, we'll help you sign up for as many platforms as possible so you can toggle between them throughout your shifts to maximize earning potential.

Drive With Confidence

We do extensive background checks and provide ongoing training to all our drivers to ensure a clean, supportive, and inspiring aGO driver community. Our safety policy includes the following practices: no smoking allowed in any aGO vehicles, no driving while under the influence of any intoxicating substances, no loading beyond a vehicle's rated capacity, and seatbelts are required by drivers and passengers

Once you've met all eligibility and safety criteria, you can then join your aGO family. Our scheduling algorithm will match you with another vetted driver based on your location, as well as when you want to start and end your shift.

Get Onboard With aGO

Here's how it works


If you’re already signed up with Uber, Lyft, or another on-demand, and just need a car, then you’re ready to aGO!

Simply download the aGO app for Android or iPhone and complete the sign-up process. Once you're approved, you can join your aGO family and start scheduling shifts right away.


If you haven’t yet signed up for Uber, Lyft, Postmates, or other on-demand, you will need to do so in tandem with signing up for aGO through the aGO app. You will be asked to submit some information to ensure safety and success for you, your aGO family, and your customers.

Once you’ve completed the aGO sign-up process, you will then sign up for Uber and other gig platforms. At a certain point in the process, each system will ask you for car information – that’s where we come in. From the aGO app, you can easily download all the documents and other information you will need to submit to Uber and other services through their process.

Once you’re signed up with all the gig platforms you want, access the aGO app and reserve a sweet ride with our green fleet. Schedule shifts from within the app and start earning. You’re on your way!


As a self-employed contractor leveraging aGO’s resources you'll be helping your bottom line right from the start.

Meanwhile, we cover all the following costs you’d typically absorb driving your personally vehicle: insurance, fuel/charging for green fleet vehicles, taxes, and data-plan.

There are no sign-up fees; you will not be charged until after your first shift. All aGO green fleet vehicles include a docked tablet that displays information such as the location of the nearest green fleet charging points, locations of nearby events, and other helpful notifications to maximize your earning potential.

Vehicle Solutions: aGO's Green Fleet

All aGO green fleet vehicles are 2016 Nissan Leafs. Driving electric is easy; it’s similar to charging a cell phone, and there are hundreds of charging stations throughout the Chicagoland area and in our emerging markets. Our vehicles are all spacious, comfortable, and agile, and are good for the planet–which your customers will appreciate.

Our drivers can rely on 24/7 support, including free towing to the nearest charger if there is ever a need. Before each Shift, aGO drivers check their green fleet car inside and out and report any damage. This ensures that drivers will not be held responsible for damage that may have happened before their reservation.

aGO Driver Culture

When you join aGO, you’re a part of a diverse community of driver-entrepreneurs who honor the driver-swap system. Because our drivers share our green fleet, we only work with exceptional people who respect each other’s time and look out for one another.

Whether it’s in a thread in our driver forums in the aGO app, or in person as one driver efficiently hands off a vehicle to another, our driver community upholds our values of mutual support.

aGO Driver Requirements

Here's what we're looking for: you must pass an Uber or Lyft background check, must be at least 21 years old, must have a valid driver's license, must have a smartphone, must have no more than two moving violations in the past three years, must have no more than two accidents in the past three years, and must have no DUI or other drug-related driving violations in the past seven years. You also must have no criminal convictions in the last seven years for any of the following: driving-related convictions, violent crime, felony offense, drug-related offense, sexual offense, theft or property damage offense, and other violations will be evaluated at aGO’s sole discretion.

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