At aGO,

every driver is a startup.

If you're going to take the road less traveled, let aGO power your journey as an independent driver-entrepreneur. Whether you're already a contractor with an on-demand service or need some help getting started, we make it simple - and fast - for you to hit the road and generate income.

With aGO, take your independent business to the next level with powerful tools, a shared fleet of energy efficient cars, and an inspiring community of driver-entrepreneurs just like you.

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We're committed to helping our drivers avoid costs that come with driving for Uber, Lyft, and other on-demand services. By sharing our green fleet with your aGO family, you can save wear and tear on your own vehicle and increase your net profits.

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What is aGO?

To put it simply, aGO is a new way of participating in the on-demand economy. For many people, the idea of starting a business—and being successful—seems like a beautiful but unattainable dream. Bank loans, insurance, permits, and other essentials can be daunting to navigate and often difficult to secure.

As these dreamers scroll past Facebook ads in their feed that promise a miracle solution to prosperity, they astutely question every self-appointed financial gurus’ ability to deliver on their promises. Undaunted, the dreamers explore options like driving for Uber or Lyft, but without reliable transportation and ongoing vehicle maintenance costs, it seems like a costly investment with no guarantee of recouping that loss.

But still, these dreamers don’t give up. They long to be the captain of their own ship. They know there has to be something out there that—if they stay true to themselves and chart their own course—makes entrepreneurship simple and affordable for anyone, regardless of their socio–economic background.

Welcome to aGO.

Why is your "all in" pricing so much lower than competition?

We utilize three very important pillars of low cost management. First, electric vehicles are 40% cheaper than regular gas vehicles. Second, by maintaining a large fleet, we are able to achieve economies of scale which allows us to negotiate lower prices for the vehicles. Third, our lean methodologies keep us focused and nimble with most overhead costs absorbed by aGO. All three pillars allow us to significantly lower cost which we pass on to each of our driver-entrepreneurs to help their bottom line.

Can I still drive for Uber, Postmates, Lyft, etc.?

Absolutely! We don't replace Uber, Lyft, or any other on-demand platform. In fact, we'll help you sign up for as many on-demand platforms as possible, so you can toggle between platforms at times of the day when one doesn't have many customers. You don't work for aGO, you work for yourself, and we assist by providing:

An all-electric car, to help you save money

Tools to help you make more money

How much does the car cost per shift?

We encourage anyone who plans on driving consistently and at least 10 hours a week to sign up for aGO and join a family!

aGO Memberships are subscription-based, which lowers the price and encourages active participation by our drivers. The price averages around $5.50 an hour (the average of all subscription plans). But, what makes it better is that the more you drive, the lower the cost per hour! For example, our platinum membership allows you to drive for $4.38 per hour.

These prices include everything from the charge of the vehicle, parking, insurance, taxes, and even data used by Uber/Lyft if you use our tablet. You can even earn consistent weekly discounts by referring your friends!

Do I have to retrieve the vehicle from a parking spot?

The answer to this question is 'sometimes'. Our unique business model facilitates a driver-swap community. Our scheduling algorithm attempts to match you with another driver based on your location as well as when you want to start and end your shift. If you are matched with another driver, you will be able to start in front of your home and end in front of your home!

Are there any sign-up fees?

No! You will not be charged until after your first shift.

When can I start scheduling shifts?

As soon as you complete your profile and the online orientation.

When do I get the insurance card, and other information needed to complete Uber/Lyft/etc. sign-up?

The insurance card and other documents/information are automatically generated by our app after you join a car family, before you schedule your first shift. You'll need to start sign-up for either Uber or Lyft before you receive these documents, as we require you upload a copy of their completed background check (or other proof you passed their background check).

Do I have to pay a deductible if I get into an accident?

Yes. Our deductibles are $1000 per incident. However, we give you the option to purchase an aGO Deductible Waiver, which is $50 a year. If you pay this waiver, you will not be subject to the $1000 deductible in the event of an accident. We encourage all drivers to purchase this waiver.

Where do I pick up the car?

If there is a driver in your car family ending a shift at the same time you start, he/she meets you at the address you select on the car family page in the aGO app. If not, then you pick up the car at the convenient parking spot (each car family has a dedicated parking spot within two miles).

Where do I charge the car?

There are thousands of charging locations within the Chicagoland area, though you'll be looking for LV3 quick-charge stations. Many of these chargers are located at Whole Foods locations. The car itself can provide directions to the nearest charge, including turn-by-turn navigation. However, each tablet affixed to the cars has PlugShare installed - an app made specifically to help you easily find a charge.

Where can I find the 2017 Nissan Leaf owner's manual?

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